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Photos Courtesy Of: Daniel G. Wiest - SNAPD Haldimand - Norfolk

The Gift Of Magic is a program Lucas Wilson started at McMaster Children's Hospital in 2012. Lucas wanted charity to start at home, and instead of donating to big companies, Lucas took what he loved doing and shared it with those in need of some magic. Over the past 5 years, Lucas visited McMaster Children's Hospital every few months. While there, he put on a magic show for the patients and donated to each of them a magic kit. This was at no cost to the hospital or to the patients.

Now in 2018, Lucas is ready to take things to another level. Lucas' goal for 2018 is to visit the hospital every single month and give the gift of magic every single visit. In conjunction with the Global LOVE Button Movement, Lucas will also be giving everyone there a LOVE Button, reminding everyone to Pause & Love.

A part of proceeds of merchandise sold after shows and online goes towards The Gift Of Magic project.

The Illusionist: Lucas Wilson

The Gift Of Magic