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Birthday Party Workshops

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Fundraiser Events

Stage Shows

Want something exciting at your child's next party? Why not have The Illusionist: Lucas Wilson?

Invite Lucas to your child’s birthday to teach them and all their friends, magic tricks they can perform! This 45 minute interactive experience, will take the kids on a journey behind the scenes in the world of magic! They will learn the trade secrets of magic and learn how to make simple magic props at home! Each kid will leave with a magic prop they will be able to perform right away!

Some kids dream about learning magic secrets and now this is their chance to learn them in this, unique birthday party experience!

Are you looking to plan an easy fundraiser? One that is fast and simple to plan but also very profitable? Well look no further! Let The Illusionist: Lucas Wilson will perform at your next fundraiser and make it a RECORD SETTING one!

Contact for more information.

Stage shows are designed to fit in any venue. Lucas really focuses on making YOU the star of the show with lots of audience participation. He mixes his magic with comedy and music for an unforgettable show that all ages will love! From your best friend or special VIP getting CUT IN HALF live on stage, to shoes being burnt and tables breaking the laws of gravity, this show has something for everyone.

Perfect for: Corporate events, schools, fundraisers, fairs, cruises and theatres.

Looking for something different for your next event? Why not try The Illusionist: Lucas Wilson, Canada's ONLY FOUR TIME Guinness World Record holding Illusionist! We have different types of shows to fit your every need and will work hard to customize our shows to work for you!

Every magic show The Illusionist: Lucas Wilson presents is a unique, professional, action packed show, family friendly and features lots of audience participation. His youth has helped him take magic from the classic top hat and rabbit routine, to a new vibrant style of magic show that all ages will love!

Below lists the different styles of shows available:

Looking to bring a little bit of Las Vegas to your area? With a grand illusion show, your audiences will experience some of the newest, biggest, hottest illusions in the world!

Join Lucas as he walks through 3 industrial spinning fans, watch Lucas smash a mirror and visual put it back together piece by piece and have your heart race as he tries to escape from chains and handcuffs before 13 solid steel spikes come crashing down from above him. With the feel of a BIG Las Vegas show, the audience will love the comedy and magic of The Illusionist: Lucas Wilson.

Perfect for: Corporate events, fund-raisers, fairs, cruises and theatres.

Contact us and we will work with you to customize our show just for your event!

Our calendar fills fast, contact us today to book your spot! Email us at

School Assemblies

Why not "Join our Campaign for Exciting School assemblies!" Allow Lucas to visit your school and talk to your students about goal setting while having fun and participating in magic! This is a curriculum based show with Lucas as a positive role model. He will show your students that his success is a product of his goal setting. What's a bigger goal than trying to set a Guinness World Record? Don't miss this one of a kind assembly that will leave your students talking about goal setting for months!

Contact for booking information.