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Show your hands empty, reach anywhere and pluck a bright red light out of thin air, pass it from hand to hand, vanish it and make it reappear again and again and AGAIN!

A borrowed quarter is placed on a pedestal and covered with a cap. When the cap is lifted the coin has vanished. The cap is seen to be clearly empty. When you pick up the pedestal and "accidentally" shake it, a coin is heard rattling inside the pedestal. You open the base of the pedestal, and a clear plastic disc appears which says " Thanks for the Quarter".

Jumping Magic Wand


Prepare to amaze your family and friends with 10 different easy to master illusions! With the guidance of Guinness World Record holding Illusionist Lucas Wilson and his assistant Kelly Defilla, they'll take you through easy to follow, step by step instructions to show exactly how to prepare and carry out each illusion.

Each trick can be learned in less than 15 minutes and can be performed by anyone from the ages 7-100.

Included are illusions for every skill level, from very beginner, to slightly advanced.

Easy To Master Illusions DVD

Light Up Thumbs

Colour Changing Silks


By Lucas Wilson


Make a flower magically blooms on a bare stem. You can pretend to pluck off this flower and toss it away, only to have it reappear on the stem. The effect can be repeated as often as you like.

A seemingly normal 14” magic wand actually has five special uses. Have the wand jump out of your hand and fly high into the air. It can also rise slowly out of your hand, have a silk magically appear and more.

Autographed 11x17 Poster

Vanishing Coin Pedestal

Two brightly colored silks are tied together. By simply pulling the silks through an empty hand, the color changes visibly. Total length of 24"


Inside this book, you’ll discover the secrets behind some of Lucas' favorite magic tricks.  These tricks were all chosen because they’re fun to perform, easy-to-learn, and incredibly magical.  You’ll even fool a lot of adults with these tricks.

Here are just of few of the magic secrets you’ll learn:
•  How to change a real penny into a real quarter!
•  How to make a ring rise mysteriously on its own!
•  How to walk through a piece of paper!
     ... and many more!

 Get ready to amaze your friends and family!  With just a little bit of practice, you’ll be putting on your own magic shows in no time at all.





Vanishing Deck Of Cards

The Illusionist: Lucas Wilson
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11x17 poster signed by Lucas Wilson & Kelly Defilla

Make a whole deck of playing cards instantly vanish! Very easy to do!

Magic Blooming Flower


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