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Discovery Channel - Tougher Than it Looks!

You can currently read about Lucas in the 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2017 editions of Guinness World Records™. In total, Lucas has broken 8 Official Guinness World Record™ times. Breaking his own records numerous times.

On Tuesday, September 6th Lucas appeared LIVE on NBC's TODAY Show and received his FOURTH official Guinness World Record. 

Lucas performs a lot of illusions in his show, but there's no illusions when it comes to his four Official Guinness World Record™ titles.

Lucas became an Official Guinness World Record™ holder in 2011 after he broke the official record for Fastest Escape from a straitjacket in chains while suspended. Time to beat was 54.24 seconds. At an event, Lucas was given three chances to break the record and he broke it each time. 6 months later, Lucas attempted to break the record one more time and was successful, giving him his final record time of 10.6 seconds. 

After mastering the escape upside down with chains, Lucas conquered the Official Guinness World Record™ for Fastest Escape from a Straitjacket while suspended (no chains). Time to beat was just over 25 seconds, Lucas managed to escape in a mere 8.40 seconds.


The Illusionist: Lucas Wilson
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Do you think Lucas makes getting out of a straitjacket look easy? Find out what happens when Lucas attempts to teach an average Joe (Andrew Younghusband) how to escape from a straitjacket. He quickly finds out, it's "Tougher Than it Looks!"

After Lucas completed his first two Official Guinness World Records™, he had prepared for his biggest challenge yet. Ever since Lucas was young, he had a fear of drowning in water, his whole life, he didn't go swimming at the beach or in pools. In 2013, Lucas faced that fear head on as he attempted to break the Official Guinness World Record™ for Fastest Escape from a Straitjacket Underwater. Escaping from a straitjacket underwater was something that Houdini didn't even try because it was too dangerous. Guinness World Records™ created this record just for Lucas and gave him a time of 40 seconds to beat. In late 2013, in Yellowknife, Lucas managed to break that record TWICE in one day. He wasn't finished there, in July of 2014, he appear on Lo Show dei Record in Italy and broke the record one more time, giving him a final record time of 22.86 seconds. 

Lucas continues to practice his straitjacket escapes and prepare for more Guinness World Records™.